Sustainability is embedded into everything we do. We’re not just ticking boxes. Through our Future Foundations strategy, we balance the impact of our decisions on the planet, the places we create and the people who work with us.

Our Future Foundations strategy comprises of three strategic pillars.

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It’s a commitment to sector-leading environmental, social and governance (ESG). Throughout the business, we are working together to deliver our ambitious goals, laying the foundations from which caring and environmentally conscious communities will grow. 

But we know we can always do more. For our business and for the people who live in the homes we create. That drives us on – so we can change the way people live, for better and for good.

We invest in our people. Central to our future success is creating a great place to work, where diversity and inclusion are celebrated, everyone’s health and wellbeing is a priority, and we make a positive difference to society.

Alongside our continued work on equity, diversity and inclusion and maintaining our high standards on health and safety, key activities include expanding our wellbeing curriculum, investing more in learning, and developing our community volunteering programme.

Through the places we build and services we offer, we're committed to enhancing our residents’ experience. This means creating communities that support the best lives for the people who live there.

A central focus on innovation and design guides us through the use and layout of shared space. Engagement on the important issues, maintaining positive relationships with our residents and investors, alongside safety help us achieve an exceptional community environment.

Improving our environmental performance by reducing our footprint throughout our value chain. This means innovating to make our workplaces and developments more energy and water efficient, and reducing waste.

By targeting our Scope 1 and 2 emissions through policies and procurement, while addressing our Scope 3, waste and water by strengthening partnerships and environmental campaigns, we can have a positive impact on the world around us.