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Our Future Places pillar is focused on enhancing the experience of our customers and client satisfaction. We do this by delivering buildings and services that meet their needs and are of the highest quality.

We want residents to have a great living experience every day. We do this through a combination of finding the right sites, getting the right design, building quality homes and providing excellent customer service for the people who live there.

Through Fresh, we serve over 22,000 residents in more than 65 locations across the UK and Ireland. The insight from these residents supplements our in-house expertise to enhance our designs. We select sites for development in great locations with the resident in mind, and our Delivery team develop buildings to high standards; as well as compliance with building and safety regulations, this now includes more stringent sustainability criteria to make our buildings more energy efficient.

Our key focus areas for Future Places:

The Group’s first priority will always be the safety of our buildings and the people who live in them. All our buildings are signed off by approved inspectors as compliant with the relevant building regulations in place at the time of completion.

Understanding within the industry has changed over time and, where relevant, we are working to remediate our legacy developments as guidance and regulation evolve around cladding and external wall systems. 

Having undertaken remedial works on cladding following revised government guidance, we are now carrying out fire safety improvement works for certain developments built by the Company. We do not believe that individual leaseholders should fund such remediation works on their buildings and, in accordance with the Building Safety Act, we are remediating fire safety elements in those buildings over 11 metres tall and up to 30 years old. We are working collaboratively with the building owners and leaseholders where relevant to review the buildings, identify measured and proportionate solutions and undertake remedial works. While it can take time to complete this process, we are working hard to ensure that the relevant buildings are remediated as soon as possible while ensuring the least disruption is caused to residents.

Innovation is playing an increasingly important role in the design and construction of our developments.

This is being driven by recent trends such as: a focus on environmental considerations, the pre-fabrication of some elements of construction and the evolving use of our homes where we look for example, for more amenity space.

We work hard to maintain positive relationships with our residents, our institutional clients and the communities around our developments. Here are just some examples:

For local communities we often undertake improvement work in the local area, this could range from contributions to local schools through to enhancing roads and public areas.

For residents in our student properties, being away from home can at times be overwhelming, so looking after students' mental heath and wellbeing is a priority; this is exactly what Fresh's award winning 'Be' programme focuses on, making a positive difference for our residents.

For our clients we tailor our service for their needs and set high baseline standards in our Facilities Management Agreements. In our client survey, we achieved an NPS of +47, which is a fantastic achievement.

What we said we would do in 2022 What we did
Drive further engagement with our BTR and PBSA occupants to inform our strategy We launched The Fresh Difference in early 2022, to ensure that everyone in Fresh has a common understanding of what we stand for, what we are looking to achieve and what we need to do to further improve customer service
Support our supply chain to know what is expected of them and to meet increasing environmental and social expectations We set ESG expectations in pre-qualification questionnaires and scoring systems. We engaged with suppliers with the largest environmental footprint about improving performance
Continue to evolve our approach to community engagement and impact Recruited more than 180 student ambassadors across over 50 properties to find out what their fellow residents want and generate ideas tailored to those needs
Further align our ESG principles with those of our institutional clients Conducted a pilot with clients to ascertain residents’ use of electricity and water. Held client breakfasts, discussing topics such as energy and net zero ambitions

  • Fresh NPS (customer) +10
  • Fresh NPS (client) +10
  • Design quality of student developments (BREEAM rating): 100% Excellent
  • Work towards achieving design quality of BTR developments (HQM): 4* by 2030
  • Wired score: Silver
  • Considerate Constructors Scheme: Very good for all sites

(2025 Targets unless otherwise specified)