Why invest in Watkin Jones? We operate in attractive markets with long‑term growth opportunity. With growing demands for housing and a changing rental landscape, our developments are answering a critical national need.

There is a long-standing supply and demand imbalance in the housing market. Despite government targets, delivery has consistently fallen short, leading to a substantial and growing demand for modern housing.

Residential for rent has a vital role in solving this, significantly increasing the number of new homes available each year, while being highly suited to modern lifestyles. By leveraging our expertise and supply chain we can capitalise on these market opportunities.

For many, buying a house is increasingly out of reach. With prices consistently rising, earnings stagnating, substantial deposits needed and sharp rises in interest rates increasing mortgage costs, more and more people see longer-term rental as an attractive option.

By expanding our pipeline of build-to-rent developments, we provide homes for those who choose to rent, and through our affordable-led housing business, we create developments in areas of strong demand.

Increasing regulations and less favourable tax incentives for landlords have led to many selling property.

Meanwhile, institutional investors and pension funds are looking for attractive, stable returns through modern and sustainable purpose-built student accommodation and build to rent developments.

Through our long-term relationships with institutional partners and consumer knowledge, we create developments that meet the needs of our clients and provide homes in which people want to live.

With the number of 18 year olds and the proportion who want a university place set to rise, alongside international applications, there will be growing pressure on university accommodation.

Much university owned accommodation is outdated, driving demand for purpose-built student accommodation.

For these developments, selectivity is key and we look to build in the most attractive locations in the most in demand towns and cities.

People want more from their accommodation than just a home. Amenities – such as gyms, cinema rooms and workspaces – and a focus on wellbeing is shaping decisions. Build to rent property provides an opportunity to move into a community, with greater flexibility.

Fresh provides us with valuable consumer insights about what residents want and we have a team focused on design innovation to ensure we harness this feedback and continue to evolve our offering and meet residents’ lifestyle needs.

Net zero legislation and public concern mean our clients and residents are increasingly focused on the environmental sustainability of our developments, both during construction and in operation.

The design, materials and fittings play an important part for a development to remain a sustainable and attractive place to live for years to come.

We have set net zero targets for our emissions and targets to increase amenity space and improve the environmental performance, while implementing modern construction methods to reduce waste and maximise efficiency.

"We expect these sectors will remain highly attractive to institutional investors, based on strong consumer demand, forecast rental growth and the secure income that residential for rent assets deliver."

Alex Pease CEO