Our Colchester team working on behalf of our clients has achieved a perfect Considerate Constructors score of 45/45. This is an excellent achievement for the team.

Here Site Manager Ashraf Khan talks about how they did it, the importance of having a great relationship with the community, and the value our Sustainability strategy has added.

The Group usually gets very high Considerate Constructors scores, but a perfect score is rare for any constructor and is an amazing achievement – what were the most important elements to get right?
The schemes assessors’ visits are time critical – you only have around an hour to raise the most important points and to sell both your site and company. Over the last couple of years, the company has introduced strategies such as Future Foundations. Being able to enthusiastically explain and live the three pillars of this scheme and other policies introduced by the company like the partnership with Talent Tap, the focus on wellbeing, and the move to electric company cars goes a long way to impressing the scheme’s assessors. 

Were there any challenges?
The greatest challenge is the preparation prior to the visit. Not only organising the evidence but the site, staff and subcontractors must all play their part and be aware of the purpose of the scheme and the importance of the visit.

How have the team, and the client, taken the news?
The client thinks the news is brilliant! It means they can further promote their product as a five-star scheme and gives them added confidence in the abilities of the build team. The news also gives the site team and contractors that extra buzz knowing they are part of a team and site that are up there with the best in the scheme.

Why is it so important to you to be considerate to the community?
As many of our developments are in heavily built-up areas and cities a good relationship with our neighbours and local communities is key to ensuring the sites run smoothly. Communication is key to alleviate any doubts and anxiety our neighbours have about having a large development on their doorstep. You must keep in mind that many people have no understanding of the construction industry and what having major construction work on and around their neighbourhood will mean.

What lessons will you take into the future?
The importance of the Considerate Constructors scheme, the effect a positive result like this can have on team morale and the importance it holds to our clients. It is also great to see the impact of the Future Foundations initiative and how having strategies like this in place can benefit us all.