Commenting on the inclusion of the Planning Bill in the Queen’s speech, Alex Pease, Chief Investment Officer of Watkin Jones, said:
“Prioritising the Planning Bill is a positive statement. The pandemic has underlined the immediate need for far more high-quality homes of all types. We’re waiting to see the detail of the bill, but to meet the Government’s own targets and the needs of thousands of people it must encourage new homes for rent within the overall housing mix. A thriving residential for rent sector offers fast delivery and an attractive lifestyle for a diverse range of people, while reinvigorating truly sustainable high-density central locations.
“To effectively accelerate this delivery, the Government must reemphasise the importance of up-to-date local plans and ensure proper investment in planning departments’ people and technology. Modernising the system is in everyone’s interests and advances made in response to the pandemic, such as online planning committees where appropriate, should not be lost. Together, these will make a real difference to our ability to quickly build our high-quality and sustainable new homes in the right places.”

Commenting on the inclusion of the Renters' Reform Bill Jeremy Fletcher, CEO of Fresh, said:
“It’s good news that the Renter’s Reform Bill is on the Government’s agenda. We work hard to make renting a fantastic experience for our residents and the stigma attached to the sector by the remnants of historic bad practice must be stamped out. We look forward to seeing the detail and we hope to see a continued focus on making renting a positive lifestyle choice for millions of people.”