Looking after mental health is something for everyone to do to get the best out of themselves and others. Here, Managing Director of Delivery for our build-to-rent teams, Gwyn Pritchard, talks about taking time for mental wellbeing and how talking to and supporting others can make a big difference.

What does good mental health mean to you?

For me  good mental health is a feeling of confidence but not complacency. It’s certainly been harder through lockdown. For years I’ve been used to a decent commute to and from the office. I miss this hour in the morning to plan the day in my head, and the evening commute to rationalize my thoughts from the day and plan for the following day.

Having recently attended one of Watkin Jones' Thrive sessions I feel we generally don’t take the time to understand ourselves i.e. what influences our stress levels, and what can be done to manage these factors including lifestyle factors.

Whilst some of us may possess resilience through a good level of awareness or an ability to bounce back and being flexible to change, we must always keep in touch with our colleagues and friends as we are not always the same and speaking about our concerns will help!

What do you do to stay on top of your mental health?

  • I try and talk to colleagues as often as possible. I find that helping others with suggestions to solve their issues is helpful.
  • Work gives a great sense of purpose, each day there is a plan and a diary to work from, this provides me with comfort.
  • I find taking a break often helps focus the mind.
  • I often list down what may be a burden to me, I find this allows me to work through the items individually or break them down further providing a sense of achievement when the items are completed and this in turn prompts good mental health.
  • I find that talking with colleagues, family and friends and sharing the burden often reduces the impact i.e. a problem shared, often is a problem halved!
  • Music also works for me – classical music helps me to relax
  • Finally, I put effort into ensuring that of an evening and the weekend I have time to myself with my family on the farm, this totally re-energises me for the next day/week!